Protect The Goods In Your Utility Trailer With The Help Of A Tarp

If your vehicle has limited storage space, buying a utility trailer is a worthwhile investment. Even if you have a car instead of a truck or SUV, you can easily tow a utility trailer full of possessions from one location to another. It's important to think about how you'll protect the items in an open utility trailer; unlike an enclosed utility trailer, an open trailer doesn't have a roof. This means that you don't want your items blowing away when you reach highway speed, nor do you want rain damaging your things. A tarp is a valuable ally for this job, but you need to know how to use it.

Get It Taut

To be effective, you need the tarp to be relatively taut over your utility trailer. If it's loose, it's too easy for the wind to get under it and lift it — which can be problematic in a whole host of ways. The simplest way to get the tarp taut is to use a number of bungee cords. Make sure that your tarp has grommets along the edges. Place the tarp over the utility trailer and then begin the process of hooking bungee cords to the grommets and stretching them down to the lower part of the trailer. If you make sure that the cords have tension, you'll ensure that the tarp is taut.

Organize The Goods Carefully

Unless you're strictly carrying boxes in your utility trailer, you'll likely have some high and low areas caused by the items. It's important to organize the goods so that the high areas aren't sharp; when you tighten the tarp over them, you could risk tearing the tarp or putting a hole in it. Take the time to position the goods in a manner that won't risk damage to the tarp. If you have any pointy items, consider laying them on their side or transporting them in the trunk of your vehicle.

Consider Taping The Front Edge

The edge of the tarp at the front of the utility trailer can often flutter when you reach a high speed on the road. This fluttering can expose your possessions to dampness if it's raining, but can also be fairly loud as it's right behind your car. A simple solution is to get a roll of duct tape and tape the front edge of the tarp to the utility trailer. This will keep the noise down, as well as prevent water from getting under your tarp if it's raining.

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