5 Important Warning Signs That New Auto Brakes Are Needed

Brake maintenance is one of the most important types of auto service. Drivers should not underestimate its importance. Faulty brakes can lead to significant car crashes that could lead to fatalities or serious injuries. Brakes are important, but surprisingly, brake repairs and installing new auto brakes are easy services for auto technicians. Some inexperienced drivers do not recognize the signs of failing brakes. The following points identify a few signs that a vehicle needs new brakes.

Warning Light

Some modern vehicles are equipped with sensors that are a part of their braking systems. The sensors will cause a light to illuminate the dashboard when they detect one or more brake pads are nearly worn out. 

Taking Longer to Brake

Most drivers who have had their vehicles for a while get used to their performance. Changes in braking such as a vehicle taking longer to come to a complete stop are indicative that new auto brakes are needed. Individuals may also notice vibrations when they brake. 

Burnt Rubber Odors

This phenomenon may be caused by other repair issues. However, overheated brake systems emit burnt odors. It can cause significant damage to brake systems if drivers continue to drive during an overheating episode. The heat can lead to brake failure if it damages the brake line.

Pulling to One Side 

A vehicle that pulls to one side when the brakes are engaged is showing signs of having brake pads that have uneven wear. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to repair the pads on one side. Both sides need to be replaced to ensure proper balance. If the issue is ignored, it will get worse and may damage other parts of the vehicle and the brake system. The repair costs are likely to be more if parts such as if the steering column gets damaged.

Weird Noises

Vehicles that have brakes that are in good condition do not make noises when the brake pedal is engaged. Clicking and screeching noises are indicative that new auto brakes are needed. A brake inspection can determine if new brake pads will correct the issue or if a more complex repair is required. 

An automotive shop is a good resource to use to learn more about your vehicle's braking system. They can perform brake inspections and advise drivers on the manufacturer's recommended schedule for brake servicing. It is important to note that factors such as braking habits and where a driver most commonly drives may affect the lifespan of brakes. Individuals who have a tendency to brake at the last moment or those who drive in a lot of stop-and-go traffic might need new car brakes sooner. 

For more information about when to get new car brakes, reach out to a local auto shop.