Accessories That Will Make Your Truck Work Harder For You

Trucks seem to be getting larger and taller these days and no matter how you use your truck, getting in and out of it easily is important. There are so many choices for optional accessories for trucks on the market that choosing what works best might be a bit overwhelming but if you consider what you need from those accessories, it will be easier. Here are some ways to use accessories to make your truck work better for you.

Truck Steps or Running Boards

The issue of getting in and out of your truck can be handled pretty simply. Adding a set of running boards to the cab will give you a place to firmly plant your feet as you get in or out of your vehicle. If your truck is used off road a lot, you might want to consider a retractable step that tucks up under the truck when not in use. In this situation, a running board may get caught or damaged by rocks or other obstacles in your path but the step is protected by its position up under the truck. When you are ready to get out, open the door and the step will extend so you can use it easily.

Bullbars and Brush Guards

Protecting the front end of your truck with a bull bar is another great way to damage to it when you use it for work. Some front bars are designed to hold a winch or tow hooks, others are great for pushing other vehicles with, and some are purely cosmetic. You will have to choose the one that is right for your truck and your needs. Coverage can extend to the headlights, marker lights, and grill if needed or may be a small bar that only protects the center of the grill about halfway up from the bumper. No matter which way you go, keep in mind that no bull bar is going to protect your truck from everything but at least you have a better chance with one than without.

Bed Extenders

Have you ever needed to put something in the bed of your truck that was just too long? Adding a bed extender to the rear of the bed allows you to drop the tailgate and extend the length of the bed 2 to three feet. Most of the extenders on the market are made from lightweight tubing and can be removed or retracted when you are not using them, restoring your bed to its default size and allowing you to close the tailgate. On models that retract, they stay in the bed so you have use of the extender even when you did not plan to carry something long in the bed of the truck. There are several designs on the market so take a look at the options and how they will fit in your truck bed to ensure they do not reduce the load capacity when folded, or retracted.