How To Be A Knight In Shining Truck Chrome

Modern day knights are those heroes that show up in a pickup and pull you from the mud or a ditch. If you have a truck, you can be a knight in shining truck chrome too. You will, however, need some truck equipment to be a true hero and save the day.

Truck Box

Your truck box carries all the supplies a knight would need for a rescue. It also keeps your supplies from sliding around the bed of your truck. Lock up the box to keep thieves from taking your supplies, and secure the box to your truck bed like you would secure saddle bags to a horse.

Tire Chains

Tire chains give your truck traction on ice, snow, and wet mud areas. The more traction your tires have, the more you will be able to use your truck to pull someone else out of a jam. Put the chains in the truck box for when you need them.


No matter what century you are from, rope is a lifesaver. Have the thickest, strongest rope you can buy, and make sure you have several yards of it too. It is also a good idea to throw a rock-climbing harness in with the rope, just in case the persons in distress are trapped on a cliff.

Power Winch

Sure, most power winches are on tow trucks, but there is no reason you cannot include one on your truck. Install one that can easily be removed if you need to haul a large load. That way, you can have your winch in times of trouble and bypass it too.

Roadside Car Repair Tools

Most roadside problems involve flat tires and cars that will not start. Tuck a lug nut wrench, hydraulic jack, a ratchet screwdriver set, a tire inflator, a portable battery jump-starter, and a gas can into the truck box. All of these tools can help someone with whatever troubles they are having, and you will be glad you have the tools to help.

A Multi-Cord Phone Charger

Sometimes your phone just dies when you need it the most. If you have a charger that connects all kinds of phones to the cigarette port in your truck, you can help someone in need connect to family and friends. Keep the charger plugged in, or carefully tuck it away in your glove box so that the multiple charging cords do not get crunched and damaged.